The Studio of Dalgleish Clothworks

Welcome to the studio of Dalgleish Clothworks. My mission is to create one of a kind objects out of cloth that will provide beauty and function to your home.

My love for all things fiber began many years ago when my daughter was quite young. I made everything she wore, from overalls during potty training to fancy dresses for special occasions. As my love of fabric and sewing grew, she had a new dress for every occasion. Dresses covered with bunnies at Easter time to one covered with dogs for the day we attended the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

Eventually my love for sewing outgrew her need, so I started selling my creations in a local shop. One of my proudest days when when my daughter brought home her first grade school photo. In addition to my daughter, there were two other girls wearing dresses I had made.

Not only was my love of sewing growing, so was my daughter and in time she no longer wanted to wear dresses I made for her so I discovered a new outlet for my passion of sewing and fabric. I discovered quilting. It was a whole new world for me with endless possibilities. I started with a basic log cabin pattern and in the nearly 25 years since that discovery, I have created countless quilts for friends, family and charity. One of them even one a prize at a large New Jersey quilt show.

Of all the quilts I make, the ones that are for babies bring me the greatest joy. I love to know that a baby will be laying on them helpless at first, but before long crawling on them and snuggling under them.

I have also found the joy of making tuffets. Seeing them develop from a pile of fabric strips to a colorful and fun piece of furniture makes me so happy. They brighten even the darkest day and makes everyone who sees them smile and comment.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed making them!